Mary Ann Aschenbrenner, President of Waterlink Web LLC

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Think of your website as an employee. What do you want this employee to do for you?

When I build your website I ask that question and many more. Your website should work for you, help carry out your goals and make you money. It should extend your influence and drive awareness of your product or brand. It should connect your customers with you.

Because your website is your business card, marketing platform and, often, your store as well, I build it to ensure that it meets your needs, comes up in search results for your products and services, and reflects what makes your business unique.

I care about your success. Work with Waterlink Web and have your website built right.

Thank you,
–Mary Ann Aschenbrenner
President, Waterlink Web


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Our Process

At Waterlink Web our process is straightforward and gives clients the opportunity to direct how their website looks and works. This is one reason clients continue to refer friends and business associates to us.

  1. I ask the right questions and to ensure your website will meet your company’s needs, both now and in the foreseeable future. We discuss key terms and the phrases your customers will use to find you on the internet. I ask about your brand and your customer demographics.
  2. Together we develop the contract and project schedule.
  3. I do the research to find the best phrases and words to include in your content so that your website can appear at the top of search results.
  4. If you need help writing content, I can help with that. If you need help with website photography or graphics, I can help with that. I have a shortlist of subcontractors that includes a former newspaper editor, professional photographer, and graphic artists.
  5. Your website will be built on a test server. You will have the link. I will invite your feedback. You have the power to preview, test, and make changes.
  6. When we agree that your website is ready, I move it to the permanent server and launch overnight.
  7. Then I follow through with administration training so that you can track your sales, update pages, and post new content.

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Another Happy Client …

“Waterlink Web designed and built a beautiful, astonishingly functional WordPress website for our business at a reasonable cost, and then, as part of the deal, followed up with invaluable training and coaching in how to maintain the website. Yes, I probably could have figured out how to build a website on my own, but (a) it would have taken me a frightening number of hours, (b) it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as well designed, and (c) I wouldn’t have known how to take advantage of all the fabulous things you can do with websites these days.”

“We are delighted with our website and grateful to Mary Ann Aschenbrenner for her patience and expertise.”

–Sylvia Allen, Ebisu Publications

Waterlink Web LLC is a Certified Woman-Owned Emerging Small Business: Oregon DWESB #9736.