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2020 Reflection

Something we all share …

In 2020 all of us, everyone in the world, went through a similar experience. Some of us are suffering more because of the pandemic, but all of us have seen lifestyle changes: we miss going out to eat in cheerful restaurants, we miss visits with friends, we miss quick hugs to say hello or goodbye, we miss live music, we miss worship, we miss our favorite businesses that have closed, we miss the smile of a passing stranger on the street.

Some of us lost employment, some of us lost businesses, some of us lost people we love to COVID. Some of us are truly housebound because of real fears about this disease. Some of us got new pets, some of us developed new technical skills (Zoom), and some of us did just fine financially. But, we were all changed by 2020.

Jackson with one ear up. Photo by Waterlink Web
In case you need another cute pet photo … this is Jackson just waking up from a nap.

Across the world scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and governments successfully worked together to develop vaccines. (When you read this you may have already received your first dose! ) Our government, despite its fractures, pulled together to provide aid for businesses, improved benefits for the many who lost their jobs, and even sent checks out that helped boost the economy.

2020 was a violent year. We were all forced, again, to face the cruelty of racism. The violence spilled into demonstrations. The downtown of my own city looks like a warzone, and yesterday protestors and seditionists, encouraged by the outgoing President, attacked the Capitol building in Washington D.C. Nevertheless, our Senate still confirmed the incoming President.

We continue to lose people we love to the pandemic or to the violence. We continue to lose small businesses that are the heartbeat of our communities. But the vaccine is being distributed, and the economy will improve, and 2020 demonstrated how connected we all are with each other.

The Moon, Mars, and a sunrise jet trail in 2020. Photo by Waterlink Web.
There was also beauty in 2020: The Moon, Mars, and a sunrise jet trail.

At Waterlink Web in 2021, we are going to focus on that connectedness. We recognize that we are all linked together in big ways and in small ways. We will continue to work to strengthen those links. After all, our slogan is, “connecting your customers with you.”

So join me as we move into the new year. Let’s focus our energy on building the new and see what beautiful things we can build together.

Stay well and many blessings in 2021,

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner
President, Waterlink Web

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann is a website designer and developer working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She works and lives in St. Johns, a neighborhood in North Portland.

8 replies on “2020 Reflection”

I appreciate and have fought for everyone right to freedom of speech but, always try to keep my political perspectives out of my business dealing.

Mary Ann,

“So join me as we move into the new year. Let’s focus our energy on building the new and see what beautiful things we can build together.” Thank you for those thoughtful reflections. And thank you for the invitation…I’m in!

Gratefully yours,

Chris Laird

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