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Earth Day 2023 Recap

Earth Day is the day we gather with neighbors, acquaintances, and complete strangers to work together and give back to this planet, this place we call home.

In Oregon we are lucky to have SOLVE, a state-wide nonprofit that helps support volunteers who are restoring habitats, removing invasive plants, picking up litter, and much more. On Saturday, April 22nd, I partnered with Friends of Pier Park and SOLVE for the 17th year to organize and promote the Pier Park Pick-Up.

Thank you to the 50 volunteers — some I’ve known for years and many who I just met — for coming out to work at Pier Park, 75 acres of beauty in North Portland.

Removing invasive blackberries
Two volunteers pulling invasive blackberries at Pier Park.

This is what we accomplished:

  • Removed about 10,000 square feet of invasive plants,
  • Mulched about 8000 square feet of native gardens by spreading 48 yards of wood chips,
  • Planted close to 30 native shrubs and trees,
  • Picked up six bags of litter,
  • Made improvements on the Pier Park disc golf course to further protect native plants.
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner and Tom Herring from Benefit Corporations for Good.
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner and Tom Herring from Benefit Corporations for Good

In particular, I want to thank:

  • Stumptown Disc Golf whose members came out to improve the course
  • Benefit Corporations for Good for promoting the Pier Park Pick-Up among their members
  • Friends of Pier Park without whom this whole event would not be possible
  • SOLVE for providing garbage bags and gloves and an easy way for volunteers to learn about the event and register in advance

If you live in Oregon and want to organize an event to help nature on Earth Day, or any other day, I recommend you contact SOLVE to get started. You may have heard of the Beach and Riverside Cleanup. SOLVE is behind that as well.

Until Earth Day 2024, continue to take care of our home. Earth is the only one we have.

Dirty gloves and boots at the end of the day.
My dirty boots and gloves at the end of the event.

Learn more about Waterlink Web, how this business got started, and my commitment to Friends of Pier Park.

Waterlink Web gives back

Four Reasons Every Business Needs a Charity of Choice

Every business, even a small business, even a business just starting out, needs a Charity of Choice. It’s not a scheme to garner charitable credibility. It is a way to hold yourself accountable for working to improve your community while making a living.

In this post, I will go over four advantages of selecting a Charity of Choice for your business.

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Search Engine Alternatives

Recently I’ve been following news feeds that Google throws up about Italy or Spain seizing yachts from Russian Oligarchs. Of course, no interest of mine goes unnoticed by Google, even when it is misidentified. The search engine is now adding advertising into my feed for speedboats and pleasure craft.

Am I in the market for a splurge best described by the phrase, Bash Out Another Thousand? No, of course not. 

If you are like me and ready to try a new way to surf the internet, looking for an option that is a little less “stalky”, or maybe just better for the environment, then read on, friend.

Waterlink Web clients

Membership Websites

Entrepreneurs, like all humans, are inventive. Changes over the past two years encouraged us to create new ways to connect with each other and with our clients. I see Membership Websites as an emerging catalyst to support eCommerce, online learning, and improve client communication.

A Membership Website is like a beautiful gift for your clients, helping create a place to engage with like-minded individuals. Here are two startups and one business organization that I had the privilege of building membership websites for 2021.

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2020 Reflection

Something we all share …

In 2020 all of us, everyone in the world, went through a similar experience. Some of us are suffering more because of the pandemic, but all of us have seen lifestyle changes: we miss going out to eat in cheerful restaurants, we miss visits with friends, we miss quick hugs to say hello or goodbye, we miss live music, we miss worship, we miss our favorite businesses that have closed, we miss the smile of a passing stranger on the street.

learn WordPress

[Online] WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme Demonstration

Join us on Monday, June 1st, for the Portland WordPress MeetUp on Zoom as I take us on a walkthrough of the this year’s WordPress theme.

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Unboxing a Christmas Surprise, 2018

This week I received a surprise gift addressed to Waterlink Web. Generally, I only order software for Waterlink Web, and it arrives via the internet. So, curious about what was in this package, I recorded an unboxing video of this Christmas surprise.

Waterlink Web clients

Unwrapping Party – Kim Allchurch Flick Opens Eco Inspirations NW Zero Waste Kit

Last week, a coffee meeting with Kim Allchurch Flick left me inspired. It’s always refreshing to see a business owner walk their talk and practice the values they promote.

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Service is in the DNA of Waterlink Web’s Business Strategy

The Waterlink Web story and my story are intertwined. Service to the community is part of my DNA. It is no surprise that service to Waterlink Web clients is in the DNA of our business strategy.

Waterlink Web gives back

Earth Day 2018

Volunteers gathered at the 2018 Pier Park Pick-Up organized by Waterlink Web
Volunteers from Waterlink Web, Starbucks, Portland Brewing Company, Friends of Pier Park, and U of O Portland Alumni joined together to celebrate Earth Day at the 2018 SOLVE Pier Park Pick-Up. The event was organized by Waterlink Web to improve and protect Pier Park.

Waterlink Web proved once again that our ethics include giving back and helping our community. On April 21st, working with Friends of Pier Park, we spearheaded the SOLVE Pier Park Pick-Up event, resulting in: