SOLVE Volunteer sign with John Aschenbrenner

Earth Day 2018

Waterlink Web proved once again that our ethics include giving back and helping our community. On April 21st, working with Friends of Pier Park, we spearheaded the SOLVE Pier Park Pick-Up event, resulting in: Building new paths designed to protect the forest floor from the thousands of Pier Park disc golfers Over 200 pounds of […]

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Ajit Pia giving testimony on net neutrality

2018 — the End of Net Neutrality? What Happens Next?

The concept of net neutrality is a hallmark of the American internet experience. It encourages internet providers to treat all content equally and enables the robust growth of social media channels, video streaming, and the accompanying rise and fall of tech startups. Startups compete on an equal footing because the internet providers don’t suppress content […]

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F Minus cartoon for 10-19-2017, by Tony Carillo

Digital Marketing Helpdesk, Nov. 1st

If you want to amp up your digital marketing skill set and improve your company’s marketing profile, then the Wednesday, November 1st, “Assembled” event is an opportunity to learn about digital marketing and begin planning for your company’s long-term success. Assembled Round-Robin Workshop David Mihm, the founder of Tidings, has put together a round-robin of […]

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Screenshot of the Dynamic Presentation Training website.

The Story Behind the Testimonial — Dynamic Presentation Training

One of my favorite things is working with clients opening new businesses, clients who need a starter website. Like many of my customers, Laurie Schwartz came to me through a referral. She has years of experience in sales and marketing, including working with Fortune 500 companies, and decided to launch a business helping people deliver […]

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Sea Monkey Private Charters on the Lahaina Wharf in Maui, Hawaii.

The Story Behind the Testimonial — Sea Monkey Private Charters

Or, how to get Google to confirm a business listing without a mailing address. I met Alisa, owner of Sea Monkey Private Charters, early in 2016. She was a referral from another company, an online advertising agency specializing in pay-per-click. I was recommended to help set up the Sea Monkey social media accounts. The work was […]

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Lucie Bea running at the beach, photo by Waterlink Web

In Memoriam: Lucie Bea

When my youngest daughter, then in 6th grade, confided she was afraid to go walking or running alone, I began to look for a dog. We found one, one that joined our family for 13 years. I named her Lucie because she her fur was red and because each time I came home I could […]

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Mary Ann Aschenbrenner in her office at Waterlink Web

Why and How to Add an SSL Certificate to a WordPress Website

Follow these five steps to add an SSL Certificate to a WordPress website in a quality hosting environment. Why Add an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is the standard technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. When a website shows the https:// version of the URL it means that […]

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Waterlink Web: connecting your customers with you

Value of a Tagline: one thing we learn about marketing from Donald Trump

Learning how to write a tagline and leverage its marketing value will help a new business owner start in a successful direction. When I sit down with a new client to begin designing her or his website, one of the first questions I ask is, “What is your tagline?” A good tagline sums up a company’s […]

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Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Write a Post that Ranks

Search engines, like Google and Bing, have a goal. They want to serve up quality content to their users.  You also have a goal. You want your customers, clients, and fans to find and read your blog posts and, by extension, your website. Your goal is for search engines to recognize that your posts are […]

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Mary Ann Aschenbrenner in a Rocky Mountain field.

2016 Guide to Prosperity

This is a little-known guide to prosperity, happiness, and finding love: look inside. It will work in 2016, just as it works every year. When we look inside to discover our own unique and untapped potential, train our minds and improve our skills we are investing energy in ourselves. Each of us is our own […]

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