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Entrepreneurs, like all humans, are inventive. Changes over the past two years encouraged us to create new ways to connect with each other and with our clients. I see Membership Websites as an emerging catalyst to support eCommerce, online learning, and improve client communication.

A Membership Website is like a beautiful gift for your clients, helping create a place to engage with like-minded individuals. Here are two startups and one business organization that I had the privilege of building membership websites for 2021.

Three Membership Websites

Every client I work with brings something unique and good to the world. Sometimes, they are also adorable.

A Little SEL

A Little SEL brings something particularly important and valuable to these divisive times — Social-Emotional Learning. The videos, puppet shows, songs, and games written and enacted by Colleen and Rob Thompson are geared toward Kindergarten and First Grade children and the website members are teachers and parents, but these days we could all benefit from a review of concepts like:

  • Considering Others
  • Solving Problems with Friends
  • Making Responsible Decisions
  • and much more.

Enjoy this short video and then share it with teachers and young people in your life.

Breaking Barlines: Turn Sound Into Skill

Also in 2021, I had the opportunity to work with Aron Bernstein, an experienced music instructor and composer who started learning music at age 19 and took his first piano lessons in college. He may have started late, but he made up for the lost time with a dynamic series of music theory lessons geared toward adults.

He says he is no prodigy, but when you study at Breaking Barlines you may begin to feel like one.

The website we built includes at least 42 videos and practice guides in modules centered around Scales, Chords, Rhythm, Diatonic and Chromatic Harmony, and Counterpoint — all music theory concepts you will understand and master during the course.

If you have an interest in music, don’t take my word for it. Check out this video for yourself.

St. Johns Boosters: Small Town in a Big City

The St. Johns Boosters membership website is very near and dear to my heart. 

In 2015 when the Boosters had fewer than ten members I built their first website and then watched the membership grow to over 100 entrepreneurs and both large and small businesses.

Last year was time for a redo. (Yes, as businesses evolve and adapt, websites need to be redesigned to reflect the growth and changes.)

For the St. Johns Boosters that includes a map on the home page with icon-coded pins for each business that links to the company page on the website. It also includes a page showing all members by category with pictures, easy-to-follow jump links to specific services, and, of course, a link to the businesses’ full page.

This project is so close to my heart because I also live and work in St. Johns. See the Waterlink Web page on their site.

St. Johns Boosters. Small Town in a Big City, website screenshot

Looking Forward to 2022

I’m not going to predict the future except to say that as humans we are social beings who crave community. Membership websites are one way to connect and share experiences. They will continue to play an important role in learning, sharing, and communicating with each other.

If you are ready for a membership website, let me know. I would like to talk with you to see how Waterlink Web can help.

Stay well,
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

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2020 Reflection

Something we all share …

In 2020 all of us, everyone in the world, went through a similar experience. Some of us are suffering more because of the pandemic, but all of us have seen lifestyle changes: we miss going out to eat in cheerful restaurants, we miss visits with friends, we miss quick hugs to say hello or goodbye, we miss live music, we miss worship, we miss our favorite businesses that have closed, we miss the smile of a passing stranger on the street.

learn WordPress

[Online] WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme Demonstration

Join us on Monday, June 1st, for the Portland WordPress MeetUp on Zoom as I take us on a walkthrough of the this year’s WordPress theme.

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Unboxing a Christmas Surprise, 2018

This week I received a surprise gift addressed to Waterlink Web. Generally, I only order software for Waterlink Web, and it arrives via the internet. So, curious about what was in this package, I recorded an unboxing video of this Christmas surprise.

Waterlink Web clients

Unwrapping Party – Kim Allchurch Flick Opens Eco Inspirations NW Zero Waste Kit

Last week, a coffee meeting with Kim Allchurch Flick left me inspired. It’s always refreshing to see a business owner walk their talk and practice the values they promote.

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Service is in the DNA of Waterlink Web’s Business Strategy

The Waterlink Web story and my story are intertwined. Service to the community is part of my DNA. It is no surprise that service to Waterlink Web clients is in the DNA of our business strategy.

Waterlink Web gives back

Earth Day 2018

Volunteers gathered at the 2018 Pier Park Pick-Up organized by Waterlink Web
Volunteers from Waterlink Web, Starbucks, Portland Brewing Company, Friends of Pier Park, and U of O Portland Alumni joined together to celebrate Earth Day at the 2018 SOLVE Pier Park Pick-Up. The event was organized by Waterlink Web to improve and protect Pier Park.

Waterlink Web proved once again that our ethics include giving back and helping our community. On April 21st, working with Friends of Pier Park, we spearheaded the SOLVE Pier Park Pick-Up event, resulting in:

Waterlink Web

2018 — the End of Net Neutrality? What Happens Next?

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner, President of Waterlink Web
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is a WordPress website designer working in Portland, Oregon.

The concept of net neutrality is a hallmark of the American internet experience. It encourages internet providers to treat all content equally and enables the robust growth of social media channels, video streaming, and the accompanying rise and fall of tech startups. Startups compete on an equal footing because the internet providers don’t suppress content from one company or favor content from another.

grow a business on the web

Digital Marketing Helpdesk, Nov. 1st

If you want to amp up your digital marketing skill set and improve your company’s marketing profile, then the Wednesday, November 1st, “Assembled” event is an opportunity to learn about digital marketing and begin planning for your company’s long-term success.


Assembled Round-Robin Workshop

David Mihm, the founder of Tidings, has put together a round-robin of experts in every major discipline of digital marketing. He included Mary Ann Aschenbrenner as an expert on WordPress websites. She will be on hand to answer your questions about theme choice, usability, hosting, security, content, and much, much more.

This event is a round-robin workshop beginning at 8:00 a.m. and closing at 4:00 p.m. It will be at the Elevator Cafe and Commons, 1033 SE Main Street in Portland.

Use This Link to Reserve Your Ticket and Save

Mary Ann has secured a discount for Waterlink Web clients and blog readers. Book your ticket in advance and get personal advice in the areas you need the most help — solutions to your most painful digital marketing problems.

If you use our reservation link, you will receive a 33% savings. Our cost is $39. [button link=””]Assembled Reservation Link for Waterlink Web Clients & Friends[/button]

In the meantime, I will leave you with today’s comic from F Minus, a cartoon by Tony Carrillo. If you are wondering how things go viral, the Assembled workshop will answer that question.

F Minus cartoon illustrating the mysteries of digital marketing.
testimonials Waterlink Web clients

The Story Behind the Testimonial — Dynamic Presentation Training

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner in her office at Waterlink Web
From our Portland office we work with clients across the U.S.

One of my favorite things is working with clients opening new businesses, clients who need a starter website.

Like many of my customers, Laurie Schwartz came to me through a referral. She has years of experience in sales and marketing, including working with Fortune 500 companies, and decided to launch a business helping people deliver presentations with confidence and enthusiasm in corporate environments, Dynamic Presentation Training.

While I have never met Laurie, she lives in Chicago and I live in Portland, I enjoyed getting to know her and creating a website that meets her vision and needs. Dynamic Presentation Training is a starter website and Laurie made good use of each of the five pages included in this economical package. Rather than reserve a page just for emailing, Laurie opted to add a form on the Home page that allows clients to email her and check their areas of interest.

I highly recommend subscribing to her blog where she writes about interview tips, using humor in presentations, and many other topics related to public speaking.

Laurie’s Testimonial

This is what Laurie has to say about her experience working with Waterlink Web:

I had no idea how to design a website and I really needed a lot of help to design and launch a professional looking website for my new business. Someone referred Mary Ann Aschenbrenner from Waterlink Web and that turned out to be my lucky day!

Mary Ann worked with me from start to finish on every detail and made several helpful suggestions that I never would have thought of. She was always patient and minimized my stress for what seemed like an overwhelming task to me. She has excellent web design skills and really knows what she’s doing.

My completed website came out better than I ever could have hoped for thanks to Mary Ann at Waterlink Web. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to use her services for any future projects.

Thank you, Laurie. The pleasure is mine.

May I Help You?

If you need help getting your business on the internet, establishing social media, and building a website, let me know. Check out our page on Starter Websites to learn more.