Branding and Graphic Design

Branding and Graphic Design

We are so happy to announce that Courtney Stroup has joined Waterlink Web as our Graphic Designer! Her experience in Branding and Graphic Design includes a degree from Oregon State University and professional experience in the field designing packaging, logos, and branding materials for companies in the Salem area.

We are confident you will love the logos, brochures, and other deliverables that Courtney designs for you. Below are some examples of her work for Waterlink Web. Scroll down to learn more about Courtney Stroup and our Branding and Graphic Design process.


Logo Design Examples

Coles and Betts Environmental Consulting logo

Waterlink Web | connecting your customers with you

Asches Urban Honey logo

Book Design and Typographic Layout

Working with scientist and author, Deborah Munro, Courtney took the pictures and designed the layout for the jacket cover of DIY MEMS, Fabricating Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems in Open Use Labs. She selected the typography and laid out the book in such a way that, despite the highly technical nature of the writing, it looks readable and accessible to the layman.

DIY MEMS By Deborah MunroDIY MEMS By Deborah Munro, back cover


Courtney Stroup, Our Branding Expert

Courtney Stroup

Courtney Stroup, Founder of Courtney Stroup Creative

Hi! I’m Courtney Stroup, the owner and chief visionary creator at Courtney Stroup Creative. I love helping small businesses create a brand identity system designed to help them attract their dream customers. I’m here to serve you in any graphic design needs.

When working with me we are not just creating a logo for you, we are laying the foundation for your brand. A logo is simply the visual signifier that reminds your customers of any experiences they have previously had with your business.

There are four phases: research and brainstorming, sketching and exploration, execution, and delivery. I believe collaboration is important throughout the entire process to make sure you are thrilled with the results.

  • Research & brainstorming is the first phase. This is where we dream big. We get very specific with who your ideal audience is, and how that translates visually. We also choose five tone words to convey these visuals and attract your ideal client. We create vision boards to help get the look and feel of the project just right, before I jump into creating the logo.
  • Sketching & exploration is where I turn what we’ve talked about into a few tangible visual directions. Here you would choose the direction which you feel suits you and your brand the best.
  • Execution is where everything comes together to create your killer logo. This includes one round of revisions.
  • Delivery is the final files sent to you. This includes several formats (jpg, png, pdf, tiff) for both print (color and black and white) and web (color).

These steps are really the beginning of creating a cohesive brand, which is so much more than just a logo. Branding is the reputation of your company, and it is conveyed in every touch point a customer experiences. It’s how your story, your values, your mission, and your visuals create a cohesive experience for your customers. I believe that consistency across all the platforms is important, especially for attracting not only the customers who want to utilize your services, but attracting the customers you want to work with.

What I’ve outlined here is just for a logo, but the process plays directly into creating a complete brand identity system. We can easily add additional services after creating the foundation of your brand such as, business cards, letterhead, brochures, social media posts, marketing materials, etc.

I look forward to meeting your every design need.

Email Courtney with your logo or branding questions.