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Genuine and Certified

Website Design and Development Certificate awarded to Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

After a year or so of study, learning and working all the while, I am now official. Officially certified, that is, in Website Development and Design.

This is not my first degree, that one is from the University of Puget Sound where I was an Honors student focused on English with an emphasis on Writing. That was followed by a stint as a sports writer for a local newspaper and several years in marketing, specifically, marketing carpool matching websites for local governments involved in transportation planning.

What I love about web design is seeing small business clients succeed with the websites that I created. These websites will serve my clients for years. The expert training and feedback I received from Portland Community College, one of only three colleges in the country that offers this program, has enabled all this to happen.

Thank you PCC.

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann is a website designer and developer working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She works and lives in St. Johns, a neighborhood in North Portland.

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