Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Protect your investment. Waterlink Web can keep your site working smoothly and loading quickly long into the future. We offer managed hosting for websites that we design and build.

Website Maintenance

Like your car or truck, your WordPress website needs maintenance. The plugins that add functionality also need to be updated and sometimes changed. If a developer stops keeping her or his plugin current with WordPress standards, Waterlink Web will find a quality alternative and update your website without additional charge. The site theme also needs to be kept up-to-date to stay current with WordPress and to protect against hackers.

When it comes to hackers and WordPress, outdated themes and plugin vulnerabilities are the easiest ways for the bad guys to get in. We worked hard to make your site awesome. Like a delivery truck or business storefront, your website is a valuable asset. The last thing you want to do is lose your site to a malicious hacker.


Waterlink Web provides double protection by taking a backup of the website each month, or more often if necessary, and saving it to secure server. In the event that the hosting server becomes corrupted or an angry ex-employee gets your password, we have you covered. We will help with site recovery if there is a hack or other disruption.


Like your vehicle, your website also needs a place to live. Just as garages are not created equal, neither are hosting services.

For websites that we design and build, we offer cost efficient shared hosting on SiteGround, one of only three hosting services recommended by WordPress. SiteGround offers excellent 24-hour customer service with knowledgable technicians and servers equipped for WordPress installations. The servers we use are located in Chicago.

Our Promise

When Waterlink Web maintains your site you can relax knowing that this valuable business asset is safe. We protect your website and help deter potential hackers by keeping plugins and themes up-to-date. We provide double protection by saving website backups on another secure server monthly or more often if necessary.

Packages Available for Websites Built by Waterlink Web

Website Maintenance & Monthly Backups

  • Quarterly updates of the theme and plugins on the website
  • Monthly backups of the website sent to a secure server
  • Replacement of any plugins that become obsolete over time
  • Help with site recovery if there is a hack or other disruption
  • Ongoing help and reasonable updates to the website within the scope of the original Website Design and Development agreement

From $20.00 monthly with annual contract

Website Maintenance, Monthly Backups & Hosting

  • All the features of the Maintenance & Backups Package plus
  • Hosting on a SiteGround server
  • Professional email account using the website URL
  • Assistance with linking email to your Gmail account or other service

From $30.00 monthly with annual contract

Post Editing, Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

  • Monthly editing of new posts to include:
    • Keywords or keyword phrases
    • Links to additional resources
    • Image sizing for web, Alt and Title tags included
  • Editing for grammar and readability
  • Uploading and posting monthly, or more often if desired, to the website
  • Meta descriptions, image tags, and other SEO components included with each post
  • Sharing of posts on relevant social media channels
  • Monitoring of Google Analytics and Google Search Console results with quarterly reports made available to Client

From $75.00 monthly with annual contract

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