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Service is in the DNA of Waterlink Web’s Business Strategy

The Waterlink Web story and my story are intertwined. Service to the community is part of my DNA. It is no surprise that service to Waterlink Web clients is in the DNA of our business strategy.

Waterlink Web’s Beginning — Pier Pool

Some of you may know that I live in St. Johns. In 2005 the City Council decided to close Pier Pool, our neighborhood outdoor pool. This pool is important to the children and families in St. Johns. So, along with some other parents, I formed Friends of Pier Park. We collected 700 signatures, we went to the City Council, and we testified about the value of Pier Pool to the St. Johns neighborhood. As a result, the City Council decided to keep the Pier Pool open.

Later I was at a Parks meeting with some Council staff when one of the staff members told me that both Pier and Buckman Pools had been on the chopping block and that the Council decided to keep Buckman open because at the time they had a website.

Because of that experience, I was driven by a desire to help my community and businesses thrive. These are the ways that I do that.

Managed Hosting

Lyn Cikara's website in full and mobile versions
Lyn Cikara Leadership Development, full and mobile versions. Waterlink Web built and manages this website along with many others.

When I build your website, you have the option to have me manage it moving forward. I protect you against hackers by logging into the site regularly, updating the plugins and theme, and storing a copy of your website on a secure server. If your site ever goes down for any reason, I will work with you to bring it back up.

Additionally, if you want to make some small changes, just let me know. Most of the time I can log in and make the changes without any additional charges.

Search Engine Optimization

Shafia Monroe's website in full and mobile versions
Waterlink Web will build Search Engine Optimization directly into your website, helping it come up in search results for your services.

This is Shafia Monroe’s website. She’s internationally known for her work reducing infant-child mortality.

But when Shafia first came to me, she had a website that didn’t come up in search results for the work she does. I researched the keywords her clients might use to find her and built them into her new site. It’s been a year since we launched and Shafia will testify that her business has increased. People are finding her through her website and she is doing more doula training.

I include Search Engine Optimization in every website I build because just having a pretty website is not enough. Your site needs to come up in search results for the services you provide.

Branding and Graphic Design

Coles and Betts website in full and mobile versions
With the help of our graphic designer, we designed this high performing website for Coles and Betts Environmental Consulting.

Working with Jill Betts from Coles and Betts was particularly fun. She needed a website, a logo, and business cards. Because she’s a geologist, Jill wanted a logo that included a geode. So, I turned to my graphic designer, Courtney Stroup, who I’ve worked with for years. Courtney designed Jill’s logo and branding and selected the site’s colors and fonts.

Courtney is a graduate of Oregon State University school of graphic design. She does it all:

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Print layout
  • Book covers
  • And more.

All the Waterlink Web clients who work with Courtney love her and her work.

Content Creation

Yardmaster NW website in full and mobile versions
Yardmaster NW is a landscape maintenance company founded by a veteran and formerly homeless man, John Easom.

For John Easom, owner of Yardmaster NW, I brought in Debra Hemminger of Beyond the Outline to write the content for his site.

She wrote the landscape maintenance page in such a way that customers will know all the services that John provides and be impressed enough to give him a call. Because of the great content, this website is also more likely to come up in local search results.

Your website is no better than your content. Whether I write the content or bring in a professional writer, I make sure that your website attracts and engages, is easy to read, and includes the keywords and phrases customers will use when searching for your services.


Women Making History in Portland mural at N Russell and Interstate
Women Making History in Portland, a mural that includes Waterlink Web client Shafia Monroe

Your website photography only has a moment to capture your customer’s attention.

Some of you may recognize this mural. It’s on Interstate about Russell. My client, Shafia Monroe, is in the upper right corner holding the baby and this picture is on her About page.

Whether we hire a professional photographer or I take the pictures myself, I make sure the images on your website show that you are the right person for the job.

One-on-One WordPress Training

Mighty Epiphyte's website in full and mobile versions
Along with two hours of training, Waterlink Web clients receive a 20-page operations manual for their website.

This website is for Kimberly Allchurch Flick, owner of Mighty Epiphyte.

When I build your website I want to empower you to add and update content yourself. I include training, a manual, and am available to answer your questions going forward.

Strategic Marketing

Deborah Munro's Author website in full and mobile versions
Waterlink Web will brainstorm your strategic marketing with you and give you the tools to incorporate social media and other online marketing into your plan.

This client is a biomechanical engineer. She’s also a writer.

When I designed her Author website we brainstormed her marketing plan. I suggested she follow the example of other successful writers and use Twitter. At first, she was hesitant, saying she didn’t like social media. As it turns out, she loves Twitter!

In the months since her site launched, she has gained 10,000 Twitter followers and an email list of 3,000 people. By the time she finishes editing her book and is ready to publish, she could have 30,000 to 40,000 people who know her, follow her writing, and are interested in her book.

Your Website Does Not Stand Alone

Your website works in concert with your social media, your email list, and the contacts you make in the community. It’s a cornerstone to your business.

Waterlink Web Today

Friends of Pier Park board members with Governor Brown and Commissioner Nick Fish
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner stands between Governor Kate Brown and City Commissioner Nick Fish. Friends of Pier Park Chair and Vice Chair, Matt Kuntz and Kelly Pergande are on the left.

You may be wondering what happened with Friends of Pier Park. I’ve included this picture because it illustrates how a website can influence outcomes. I built the Friends of Pier Park website and maintain it to this day.

This picture was taken at a Pier Park event celebrating the TV show Grimm.

Am I confident that funding for Pier Pool will continue? Yes. We have the website, the social media, and the email list to help ensure it.

All websites are not created equal. At Waterlink Web we build superior websites. I look forward to talking with you about yours.

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann is a website designer and developer working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She works and lives in St. Johns, a neighborhood in North Portland.

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