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Speaking at the Stonewall Inn

When I first met Martha Shelley I knew her as a quiet writer of feminist historical fiction, researcher, and neighbor. She gave me the opportunity to build a website for her company, Ebisu Publications. As I worked with Martha and her wife, writer Sylvia Allen, I learned more. I discovered that Martha was one of the founders of the Gay Liberation Front and part of the ’69 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village.

It was not until her website was complete and I went to a reading benefitting our local bookstore, St. Johns Booksellers, I learned she is also a gifted poet.

Today her political activism is undiminished. I am proud to call this creative and intelligent woman a Waterlink Web client, neighbor and friend.

Watch this three-minute clip of a recent speech Martha delivered in New York at the Stonewall Inn to learn more about the riots, their impact on us today, and why we continue the good fight.

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann is a website designer and developer working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She works and lives in St. Johns, a neighborhood in North Portland.

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