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Service is in the DNA of Waterlink Web’s Business Strategy

The Waterlink Web story and my story are intertwined. Service to the community is part of my DNA. It is no surprise that service to Waterlink Web clients is in the DNA of our business strategy.

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Write a Post that Ranks

Search engines, like Google and Bing, have a goal. They want to serve up quality content to their users. 

You also have a goal. You want your customers, clients, and fans to find and read your blog posts and, by extension, your website. Your goal is for search engines to recognize that your posts are the quality content their users want and to rank your posts organically at or near the top of search results.

Follow these five steps to write a post that ranks. The steps cover content, formatting, image accessibility, categories and tags, and on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Done correctly they will help you write the content your customers want in a format that meets search engine requirements.

Good content and proper formatting will help your posts rise to the top in search results, maybe even the very top.

1) Write what your clients are searching for

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Mine your client’s questions for ideas to write your next blog post.

Don’t indulge in random posts about topics of mostly personal interests. Ask yourself, “What questions are my clients asking me?” Then answer those questions in your blog posts.

For every question a client asks, you can bet that hundreds of others have asked the same question on Google or Bing. Search engines are looking for the answers to users’ questions. Write those answers.

Include keywords, but don’t overdo it

What terms do your clients and customers use when they ask you a specific question? Make sure to include those key phrases or something similar in your content.

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Waterlink Web Adds Content Editor, Katherine Miller

I am so pleased to announce that Katherine Miller has joined Waterlink Web as our Content Editor!

A well-designed website is only part of the package. An effective experience for users also demands top-quality writing and marketing. Katherine’s 20 years of experience as a communications specialist, expert writing skills and media insight are key to Waterlink Web’s strategy.

Katherine Miller, content editor at Waterlink Web
Katherine Miller, Content Editor at Waterlink Web

Katherine Miller most recently was with The Oregonian, where she was an editor and regular contributor of both editorial and marketing material. Her extensive background in media includes writing and editing for digital, print and television. These included a public television station, several major metro dailies (such as the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and the San Francisco Examiner), a regional wire service, and OregonLive, the website for The Oregonian.

While at The Oregonian Miller demonstrated her versatility as a writer with profiles, long-form features, copywriting, Q&As, book reviews, display type, and more.

Katherine Miller in her own words

My goal is delivering a client’s message in clear, concise and lively copy that engages and inspires readers — from the brief and pithy to the in-depth and thought provoking,” said Miller. “I’m excited to help expand Waterlink Web’s line of services and apply my skills in this dynamic field.

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